never lost word..

never lost word..

Sunday, March 8, 2009


This sad story will begin with a very simple poem;

The time goes by
And keep going without turning back
As the water flow by the river
As the wind blow by your ears

There are too many things that we can do during our holiday. As I’m the student of faculty of hotel and tourism management, the best and most enjoyable way to spend it, although it will burn up your money is by being a tourist. We can go anywhere we like which is in or out of our country as well as we have enough money to do so. What I mean here is, if we have some money to have a good holiday, we should do so. Sometimes, we should do something that can give us pleasure in our life. It is become more necessary to someone who works really hard to earn some money to sustain their life. It is important for them to have some rest and relax to make sure their physical and mental can work efficiently.
For me, I spend my holiday with something that is important for me to do as I’m still student which is doing my assignment. It’s not mean that I’m not doing something enjoyable for my holiday. I still can have my picnic with my family and friend, have my hobby, and go anywhere that I would like. This only can be done in free time that usually I can have in my holiday.